African Red Palm Oil

With very high amounts of vitamins and antioxidants

African Red Palm Oil is extracted from the fruit of the African palm (elaeis guineensis) and has become a raw material used globally in the production of a large number of products for the cosmetic industry.


The application of African Red Palm Oil is reported to be perfect for a variety of skin conditions, as it can heal old scars, even those of acne marks or stretch marks and reduce the signs of aging, leaving the skin with a fresh appearance. People with psoriasis or eczema may also feel relief from their symptoms by using this oil.


African Red Palm Oil has a unique composition that makes it a perfect skin care product.

  • Vitamin E – rich in vitamin E, this oil not only protects our skin, but also has anti-aging effect, It contributes to eliminate wrinkles, smooth and even skin surface and reduce or even eliminate scars, burns and spots.

  • Vitamin A and Carotenes – carotene is what gives this oil its deep color. Our body converts carotenes in vitamin A, which promotes skin elasticity and strength as well as cell regeneration. It also repairs damaged cell structure and protects the skin from UV damage.



 Palm Oil can be used in:

  • Skin moisturizer

  • Sunblock

  • Personal care and household products

  • Cosmetics

  • Candles


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