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Is what you eat - is what you apply!

We have a wide range of exotic butters, oils and antioxidants which are based on raw materials sourced globally for the finest quality possible.


We always provide Data Sheets, Safety Data Sheets and Certificates of Analysis with all our products.   


We can provide the options of having our oils and butters as conventional, organic and internally stabilized which solves oxidation problems and enhances the shelf life of the products.                    

All our products are Hydrogenation Free, please click here for more information.

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                                                                   Our product line contain:






                     Exotic Oils & Butters                    Antioxidants                          Preservatives 









                     Skincare                                Haircare                                          Lip Care 






                         Nordic Oils                           SPF Products                        Homeopathic Cosmetic 






                      Clays                                    Ethnic Beauty Care                 Ayurvedic Beauty Care                                              


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